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Welcome to Crowcombe C of E VA & Stogumber C of E VC Primary Schools.


Crowcombe & Stogumber Federated C of E Primary Schools are situated at the foot of the Quantock Hills, an area of outstanding beauty, deep in rural Somerset. We are proud of our Christian distinctiveness which is encompassed in our theologically rooted school vision which underpins all aspects of school life.


'Together, Let us Love, Encourage, Achieve and Flourish'


Our school community is based on a foundation of generosity, optimism, determination, curiosity and courage. We are driven by high standards and an enthusiastic love of learning, within a positive Christian ethos.


We share an Executive Headteacher, a governing body and a PTA. This enables us to offer extended opportunities to our children with a wider range of activities and staff expertise. We have our own mini-bus which is used on a daily basis to provide free transport between the schools.


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2  from both schools are educated at Stogumber, and all children in Years 3,4, 5 & 6 are taught at Crowcombe.  We have small classes and a high ratio of adults to children which enables pupils of all abilities to learn to their full potential.


What the children want you to know about our school:

*  It's fun, safe and makes us happy;

*  It is the best primary school ever because the children and the adults are all so kind and caring;

*  The teachers understand our feelings and always try and make it better;

*  We have the best teachers, as they make learning fun and they are there for us;

*  It is like a home to the children;

*  It is a safe place to share mistakes so we learn better lessons;

*  The learning is exquisite and every child here is unique in their own way and we celebrate this;

*  Everyone listens and respects each others feelings;

*  We do WOW days, go places and have lots of fun;

*  When we learn we are given fun, interactive ways to learn so we aren't bored in lessons;

*  We make each other laugh and feel safe like we are at home;

*  Everyone is included in everything we do;

*  We all care about the environment and we are trying to change attitudes;

*  Part of our culture is to think of others and be charitable;

*  We recently received an award for well-being which shows how much we look after each other;

*  We work as a team so we always look after the younger children in the school;

*  This school is very special to us;

*  We always put each other first;

*  The teachers challenge us to be the best that we can but in a positive way;

*  We cherish this school as if it is our friend.


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information about the schools.

Mrs Kate Lewis

Executive Headteacher